Page Type Options for Blog

This is a list of the options that can be used in the Page Type Option field for Blog posts.


date (default), title, random

What to order the posts by.


asc, desc (default)

How to order the posts, ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first).


Use this option to limit how many posts are shown. Just enter the maximum number of posts you would like to be displayed.


Use this option to display a specific post. You can enter the database ID number, slug/simple name (can be found when editing a project under the Simple Name/Slug field) or the full title of the post. Using the slug or ID is most reliable.


small (default) or big

This option lets you decide if the posts should be displayed in list form (small) or full form (big: all images/text/content). Small will use the blog_list.html template of your theme, while big will use the blog_view.html template.


This flexible option lets you override the template used to display blog posts. Simply enter the file name of the template you wish to use instead, like "mycustomtemplate.html". The template file should be in the templates folder within the folder of the theme you are using.


Another very flexible option, this lets you enter the name of a function to override the default actions taken by the system to display blog posts. Particularly useful if you want to use the functionality provided by a plugin.

func= myCustomFunction


What is the Page Type and how do I use it?