How to install Secretary

Before you begin installing Secretary, double-check that your host meets the requirements. Second, you must have the connection information to your MySQL database (contact your webhost for this information if you do not have it). You will need the following information:

  • Database host
  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password

Step 1

Connect to your server (website) with your FTP program. Create a new folder for The Secretary on your server.

For example, if you would like The Secretary to be in a folder called "cms", create that folder and upload the files there. This is NOT the folder for your website - The Secretary is a separate application that manages the content on your website, and therefore should not be placed in the same folder. If you would like your website to be then Secretary should reside in a sub-folder there.

Step 2

Upload the contents of the Secretary download folder to this new folder.

Step 3

Using your FTP program, set your Secretary folder and its contents (all files and folders within it) permissions to 755. This is usually done by right clicking on the file name and choosing "Get Info" or "Properties" and editing what is called "File Permissions". Other FTP programs have an option to "Chmod" a file - this is the same function.

Step 4

Now you are ready to complete the installation. Point your browser to [your site]/[secretary folder]/install.php and follow the instructions given.

If you uploaded the files to a folder called "cms" in the root folder of your website, you would go to

Step 5

After a successful installation, a file named "site.php" is created in the "site" folder. Move this file to the folder where you would like your website to appear. Rename it "index.php".

DO NOT move it to the same folder as your Secretary installation.

For example, if you have installed the application at, do not move "site.php" to the "cms" folder. In most cases, you will want to move it to the root folder (

You may have to refresh the folder view in your FTP program to see the new file, if you have had it open during the entire installation process.

You should also delete the install.php file after installing for security reasons.