What is the Page Type and how do I use it?

The Page Type is a flexible feature that lets you attach content to a page and customize what and how that content is displayed.

As of version 2.3, there are two content types available: projects and blog.

The Page Type allows you to do things like create pages that contain projects from a specific section, or those with certain tags, as well as choose how many projects are shown, in what order they should be shown, and even supply a custom template.

So, let's say you wanted your homepage to show your latest project, but wanted to also have a page showing only print work and another showing only web work. The Page Type would let you do that by choosing a sort order (date in this case), how many projects to show (limit to 1 for the homepage), and specifying the section to show ("Print" and "Web").

Each content type has its own set of options.

Options are entered in the following format:

option_name= value

Multiple options can be entered in the Options field - just type a comma separated list like so:

section= Print, order= random, limit= 3

(this would show three random projects from the section called "Print")